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Nose to Toes Grooming was started in 2014 by Rebecca Tobias, after she had been grooming for 3 years. Her love of animals has been a lifetime affair, and her care of every client shows it. She has a special gift when it comes to working with difficult or special needs animals. Any animal, big or small is welcome in our salon. She also grooms cats and loves doing it.

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Azzurra has been working in the pet industry for 8 years and has been grooming for 3+years.
What she loves most about grooming is forming a connection and special bond with each dog to ensure the most positive experience for all furry friends.



Mya began working in the animal care field in 2017 as a vet assistant. She has also worked in a doggie daycare, animal shelters, breeders and veterinary clinics. She started grooming in 2021, while she was in vet tech school.
When she is not grooming your fur babies you can find her with her cat Emilia!



Victoria had been in the pet industry since 2020. She finished the veterinary assistant program in 2021 and then got into grooming. Her passion was always working with animals. Her number one priority is
making sure all the pampered pets have a safe and and enjoyable