Pampering Services

Prices may vary based on the dog’s size, dog’s behavior, and condition of the hair. All grooms include nail cutting and ear cleaning

Nose to Toes Grooming
Nose to Toes Grooming

We Recommend

  • Nails should be trimmed monthly
  • Baths should be done monthly, doing it more often can strip the dogs coat of its natural oils and irritate their skin
  • Full grooms/haircuts- every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast the dogs hair grows.
  • Check ears regularly and clean as needed
  • Brush teeth as much as possible to maintain those pearly whites


  • 1 Toy (Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle) $70
  • 2 Small (Shihtzu, Bichon, Coton, Lahsa Apso, Havanese) $75+
  • 3 Medium (Cocker spaniel, Cockapoo, Wheaten) $80+
  • 4 Large ( Standard Poodle, Goldendoodle, Golden Retriever) $100+


  • Short Hair (Bulldogs, Labs, Beagles, Rottwilers) $35-$50
  • Long Hair (German Sheppards, Golden Retriever, Bernese, Husky) $45-$60+
  • First time puppy bath for under 6 months of age. Includes a gentle bath, blow dry and brush the hair, trim hair around eyes, sanitary area and feet. Nail cut and ear cleaning included. $30

*Deshedding Treatment at an extra charge

Cat Grooming

  • Bath Only $75
  • Haircut Only (lion cut, or comb cut) $90
  • Bath & Haircut $100+

*Deshedding Treatment at an extra charge

cat grooming
Nose to Toes Grooming

Add Ons or Stand Alone Service

  • Teethbrushing (client gets to keep toothbrush) $5
  • Nailgrinding $10
  • Nailcut + Nailgrind (if nails are too long to just grind) $20
  • Nailcutting for dogs $15
  • Nailcutting for cats $15
We recommend
  • Dematting- brushing out all matts and knots from dog or cats coat $1 per minute
  • Deshedding treatment- (to loosen and remove undercoat and excess shedding for both cats and dogs, long hair and short hair) Add $15-$20 to the groom price